the smart way of cycling

a sustainable, high-tech construction system for building efficient and safe bike highways

Current Impressions

urb-x  -  at a Glance

urb-x raises traffic into the skies. The patent-pending bike highway allows stress-free gliding above the rest of traffic. With two lanes in each direction and no intersections, it is safer than any other bike lane and so much faster!

Sustainability paired with cutting-edge technology. The bike highway is a modular construction that uses local timber. Each individual module is intelligent and communicates with the complete system - modern control systems at the complete service of its users.

Thanks to prefabricated modules, the urb-x bike highways can be constructed quickly and cost-effectively. A flexible structure of pillars, supporting elements and roadway modules enable the construction of almost any route over a range of terrain. In that way, existing thoroughfares - whether road or rail - can be utilised more effectively.

Unbundling - Cycling in the Third Dimension

 Key Functions of the urb-x System

Multiple Benefits

Benefits for cyclists and other road users

Benefits for the city

Benefits for the environment

Benefits for health

 urb-x - a Dynamic Start-Up

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Unbundling - Cycling in the Third Dimension