Our Vision - Our Plan

urb-x is a start-up company founded in 2020 by a creative team of engineers and entrepreneurs. The team started with the vision to fundamentally change urban mobility.


  • the urb-x building system offers a real solution to three central challenges of our time:

    1. Living, working and leisure grow together - the 15-minute city

    2. Sustainable mobility - a must for all cities

    3. High priority on health and safety

  • We use the potential of the urb-x system to significantly change the urban mobility map


  • Product developed - Mockup produced - Patent: achieved

  • Prototype track created - Company setup: in progress

  • First commercial routes sold: from 2022

  • First urb-x network launched: from 2024


  • urb-x is a disruptive step towards solving the mobility challenges of modern agglomerations.

  • urb-x offers its customers the opportunity to make a rapid and sustainable contribution to tackling the climate/CO2 challenges.

  • In Europe alone, there is likely to be a need for 20,000 - 50,000km of BikeHighways by 2035

  • Megatrends such as sustainability, the 15-minute city, new life/work philosophies are perfectly supported by urb-x

  • urb-x brings sustainability not only for its users, but also through the use of renewable raw materials and the extensive recyclability of its materials.

  • Attractive economics for investors through standardisation and the potential of automated series production

  • The patent-pending system offers investment protection

Kontakt für Investoren: investorsrelation@urb-x.ch


Light, fast, green is a megatrend of the 21st century. The renewable raw material wood has the potential to take construction to a higher level - also digitally.

Innovation has been part of the essence of our company for 140 years. Enthusiasm for research and development gives us the drive to always find new ways to use wood.

The CONICA Group develops, produces and sells innovative jointless flooring solutions based on polyurethane and epoxy resins for sports, play and technically decorative high-end solutions for industry, parking, retail, educational and healthcare facilities and housing.

For more than 40 years, we have been continuously developing our comprehensive portfolio of products and surfacing systems, making us one of the global market leaders and innovation drivers. Together with all relevant decision-makers in the market, we define and establish user-focused requirements for performance, usability and health.