Klaus Kirchmayr

Klaus Kirchmayr is the CEO of urb-x AG. He invented the modular BikeHighways and wants to change the world with them. ETH engineer, economist and banker, politician and green thinker.

Beat Oberlin

As Chairman of the Board of Directors, Beat Oberlin is fuelling the implementation of the visionary idea. As a convinced advocate of comprehensive sustainability in society and business, he brings his network to bear. Doctor of law, former CEO of Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank, President of the University Council of the University of Basel.

Bálint Csontos

Bálint Csontos builds up urb-x AG and takes care of patenting, contracts, legal framework and personnel. He is able to put complicated things into simple, clear terms. Member of the cantonal council of Baselland.

Florian Weber

Florian Weber is responsible for the construction of the BikeHighways. He likes to lend a hand in the development, builds safe railings and looks for the perfect flooring.

Lucas Brunner

Lucas Brunner is responsible for IT. Takes part in hackathons with Robin Wiethüchter and regularly wins. There is nothing the two of them can't teach the urb-x intelligence.

Robin Wieth├╝chter

Robin Wiethüchter is responsible for IT. Together with Lucas Brunner, he makes sure that every single module is intelligent.

Sandro D├╝blin

Sandro plays large-scale 3D puzzle and tries to realise a large whole out of various elements.

Yorrick Detrek├Ây

Yorrick Detrek├Ây brings the urb-x system from paper into the world. He plans real routes and, with his diverse background as an engineer, carpenter and designer, has a good eye for the totality of the BikeHighway.